9 Leadership Laws to Improve School Climate

–Define Ends & Means Goals
–Create a Clear Professional & Personal Vision
–Learn 9 Universal Principles for Modern Day Leadership
–Learn the “6C’s” That All Students Need to Tap Into Higher Potential
–Find New Meaning in Managing Conflict

“Betsy”…let’s just say she is amazing….she is doing what she was put on earth to do and the way that she does it is mind-blowing! After hearing Betsy speak, I’m always like, “Wow, that totally makes sense! Why hasn’t anyone ever taught me this before?!?” I now look forward to each new day and practicing what I’ve learned about myself, my career, my relationships, and my life with a different view.”

– Molly O, Medical Specialist

Align Your Team for Optimum Success

–Get Clear on Your Team Mission
–Create Core Values for Your Team
–Establish Team Rules
–Strengthen Team Alignment & Cohesion
–Set a New Standard for Communication
–Boost Momentum & Motivation

Teacher Leadership: Empowering Teachers to Lead Mindfully

As an Educator do you ever feel … Stuck in a rut of how you work with staff and students? Trapped under piles of paperwork? Angst about the future of education? Overwhelmed by everything on your plate? Difficulty balancing your work and home life? Like you’ve hit a wall? Like you’re just going through the motions school year after school year?

WHAT IF: You found your passion again? An exceptional teaching style became your norm? You had a clear and bright vision for your personal and professional life? Living a balanced lifestyle was just what you did? Challenges became opportunities? Work became play and living in the moment was your style?

Participants Will:
–Create Balance with the Wheel of Wellness
–Increase Presence & Engagement
–Effectively Navigate Conflict
–Learn How to Minimize Negative Energy Drain
–Prioritize Daily Action Plan to Thrive
–Learn Practical Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Management

Many of the ideas and exercises completed in this workshop will be directly applicable to working one-on-one and with students in a classroom setting

Start the School Year on the Right Foot With Your New Teachers

-Define Ends & Means Goals
-Identify Professional Strengths & Weaknesses
-Develop an Action Plan to Mitigate Weaknesses & Create Success
-Establish a Work/Life/Play Balance from the Get Go
-Learn Practical Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Management

The Power of Play: Why Your Staff & Students Need to Play More & Stress Less

  • Learn the Difference Between Higher and Lower Brain Thinking
  • Understand the Importance of “Happy Chemicals”
  • Experience Emotion as Motion
  • Learn the “6 C’s” That We All Need to Tap Into Higher Potential
  • Use the Power of Play to Boost Performance
  • Create Time Targets for a Work/Life/Play Balanced Lifestyle

“Betsy is an amazing speaker. I have been following her suggestions for the last 7 months have experienced tremendous improvement in my focus levels, thoughts and productivity.”

– Priyanka Singhal, Financial Analyst, Minneapolis

Motivation Manifesto for Millenials

Unlike those who have come before, this generation is at the cusp of the “workplace revolution” and has the opportunity to both experience these changes and affect them as they move into leadership positions. College-aged students will be introduced to 3 Thoughts to Thrive and will Complete 3 Exercises to Energize so that they can join in this revolution and take their schooling and careers to the next level right out of the gates!

Participants Will:

–Define Ends & Means Goals
–Create a Clear Professional and Personal Vision
–Identify Their Professional Strengths & Weaknesses
–Develop an Action Plan to Mitigate Weaknesses & Create Success
–Use the Power of Play to Boost Performance
–Learn Assertive Communication Skills

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