Betsy is an amazing speaker. I have been following her suggestions for the last 7 months have experienced tremendous improvement in my focus levels, thoughts and productivity.

– Priyanka Singhal, Ford Motor Company, India

“Betsy has helped me change my mental blocks and in doing so, my life has taken a huge jump forward.”

-Dr. Julie Feit, Chiropractor, Business Owner

“The drive Betsy exhibits to serve others is astonishing and her passion for self-improvement is contagious! ”

-Doug Chavis, Ed.S., NCSP, Actor, Musician Minneapolis, MN

Betsy Koepke

Betsy is an exceptionally skilled professional who approaches her work with a balance of empathy, honesty, persistence, and humor. She has been my guide toward greater personal insight, healing, and growth both professionally and within key relationships in my life. Enjoy your journey!

Jennifer H., PhD,

Psychologist, Research Associate, University of Minnesota

I couldn’t wait to open my skincare business but my head was swirling with ideas:  How specialized should I be, and what services should I offer?  How “big” should I start?  Where is the best location?  What should I name it?……. I had a notebook filled with a million ideas, but couldn’t seem to take a step forward.  Then, after coaching with Betsy, I had focus, a name, and location for my business.  BUTTERCUP was born in the community that I live, and where I have an amazing support network of other businesswomen, friends, and neighbors.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  Now that business is taking off, Betsy is my support during the emotional rollercoaster ride the first year of entrepreneurship.  I highly recommend adding Betsy’s business coaching in any new career endeavor, especially through opening a new business!

Kylene Gehrke

Aesthetician, Business Owner, Waunakee, WI

“Since working with Betsy, I have greater confidence in my personal and professional life.  She has challenged me to think outside the box as I search for more work and has put some fun back into my personal relationships.  She has a positive and encouraging attitude when she works with me and I hope many more people can experience her warm, practical wisdom.”

Kevin D

Musician, Entertainer, Business Owner, Twin Cities, MN

Betsy is an amazing speaker. I have been following her suggestions for the last 7 months have experienced tremendous improvement in my focus levels, thoughts and productivity.

Priyanka Singhal

Ford Motor Company, India

One of my favorite things about working with Betsy is the way in which she refuses to settle for mediocrity. Our discussions about personal and professional challenges always leave me feeling ‘heard’ and renewed. Anyone who is fortunate to spend any amount of time with Betsy is considered blessed in my book.

Melissa Jents

Organization Development Consultant/Clinical Psychologist, St. Paul, MN

Betsy is the person in your life that can motivate you to do more and better than you thought possible. Her natural ability to inspire and her passion to make a difference in your life is matched only by her intelligence and emotional acuity. She is uniquely qualified to guide and serve and will always be who I turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on or a swift kick in the pants!

Ingri H.

Attorney, Law Enforcement Agent, Washington D.C

Betsy Koepke

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Betsy.  She’s become an important asset to me as I make changes in my life.  Our sessions have pushed me to become more goal orientated and at the same time much more open to trying new experiences.  Betsy is very easy to open up to as she is an excellent listenER and is very insightful with her questions and suggestions.  She is kind, caring, and funny.  she has the type of personality and drive that allows her to relate with people from all walks of life.  I would definitely recommend working with Betsy to anybody who is trying to make a change iN their life.
jared b,

Jared B.

Accountant, Chicago, IL

I felt very comfortable with Betsy from the beginning. She is a very attentive listener which helps her pinpoint exactly what I need to work and focus on at that particular session. coaching has made me feel more appreciative of myself and those loved ones around me.


Administrative Assistant, River falls, WI

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